Glass cleaner robot HOBOT-288

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Glass cleaner robot compatible with crystals of any thickness thanks to its laser sensor that measures distance and height with extreme precision. The Hobot 288 glass cleaner robot has three automatic cleaning modes and a manual cleaning mode. Includes remote control and uninterrupted power supply (20 minutes). Safety rope and automatic detection of the frame. It incorporates a centrifugal pump of high volume and efficiency that allows the cleaning in multiple surfaces although these present rugosities, reliefs or small slits, thanks to this it can work even in safety laminates, vinyl, reflective glass or rough glass. Its highly reliable design, has a self-adjustable pneumatic pad that automatically controls the driving force and maintains the force between the crawler belt and the cleaning cloth proportionally, so an extremely dirty surface will not interrupt the complete cleaning of the window will not make him skate. An exceptional cleaning robot specialized in window cleaning with professional results. Hobot 288 glass cleaner robot data sheet 80W power Cleaning speed 2.4 minutes / m2 Dimensions 24x24x10 cm Weight 1.2kg


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