Rent Terms

Please read carefully the rental terms, if you have questions contact us and our staff will be available to meet them.

Contract Objective and Documentation


The objective of this contract is to lease, without an operator, the machine which is detailed on the packing slip and the delivery of said machine.

Documentation needed to rent

Form of Payment


The payment for the rental of the machinery, object of this contract, will be immediate, except if there is a documented agreement between the parties which refers to a different form of payment.


Duration of the contract

Start & Finish

The start of the rental contract, will begin on the same day and time at which the machinery, object of this contract, is delivered by the lessor to the lessee, and will finish with the return and delivery of the rented machinery.



The leasing price will be in accordance with the current rates, reflecting the quote given prior by the lessor or the order from the lessee, accepted in writing by both parties.

The rental price is established by working days, except for the machinery or equipment which is invoiced by natural days, with a maximum of eight hours of work per day.

Supplemented expenses not included, independent and derivative.

Obligations of the lessor


The LESSOR is obliged to deliver the machinery, object of this contract, in perfect, working condition.

Information regarding occupational risks
Safety Plan
Repair & Maintenance
Legally Binding Coverage

Termination of the Contract


In all cases, when the contract is resolved, even though the circumstance is not one listed below, the lessee will automatically lose possession of the machinery, object of this contract, being obliged to return it to the lessor.

By agreement of both parties
By breach of the Lessor
By breach of the Lessee

Obligations of the lessee

Responsability for use

The LESSEE, on receipt of the leased machinery and its accessories, object of this contract, is responsible for how ever many factors which arise from the usage of the leased machinery which are not attributable to the lessor, through the breach of obligations defined in this agreement.

Damage & Breakdown
Occupational Risk Prevention
Information about the use and safety
The Environment for the use of the machinery
Payment of rent and expenses
Robbery or Theft
In case of an accident
Access to the work place
Capabilities of the operator
Assignment or transfer

Modification of the contract

Autorization of the Contracted Parties

Any modification, alteration or novation of the clauses and content of this agreement needs the express authorisation and in writing of the contracted parties without which a tacit acceptance is issued.


Claims arising from the contract

The parties will settle any claim arising from this present contract before the courts and tribunals of the domicile of the Lessor, renouncing the jurisdiction of the contracting parties.

Interpretation of the contract


This contract will be interpreted according to the literalness of its terms, in accordance with the applicable legislation and with the main character of the rules of the Civil Code, as well as those referred to in the Occupational Risks, environment, and those which affect the contracted parties further.


Loss of keys

The loss of keys will involve a charge.

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