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We have a wide range of aerial platforms and other machines for elevation, available for rent including: forklifts, spider platforms, furniture elevators, scissor lift platforms, single person lifts, hoists for airconditioning and beams, motor cranes, tower cranes, hydraulic pallet jacks.

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Beam hoist 7,2M.

Manual lift that allows easy loading and handling of ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Beam hoist 4,6M. - 360kg

Manual lift that allows easy loading and handling of ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Pladur elevator 4,5m

Elevator prepared for dry plasterboard assemblies, Pladur ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Forklift hoist for works of 18m

Multipurpose platform with folding sides for the transport ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Spider Platform of 19.75m

The main feature of this platform is the possibility of ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

One-man platform 12m

Its light weight, allows it to work on fragile floors: ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

self-leveling platform 10.5m

mini-crawler scissor lift able to operate at 10 mt working ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Scissor platform 10.5m

Equipment totally free of environmental pollution due to ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Furniture Hoist of 18m with operator

It is accessible from the outside to the interior of the ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Electric forklift 3500kg

Ideal for the most demanding applications, the compact 3500 ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)


Designed for the lifting of materials and goods, to be ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Crane elevator (engines)

Workshop crane that allows you to easily remove and keep ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Air Conditioning hoist

Manual lift that allows easy loading and handling of items ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Hydraulic lift 2500kg

Lifting pallet for the transport of merchandise or ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

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