Cleaning machinery

We rent out a wide range of cleaning machines for many different uses and situations: Floor scrubbers, electric and gasoline run pressure washers, polishers of various sizes, belt sanders, wall and parquet sanders with vacuum, carpet cleaners, wet and dry industrial vacuums, and grinders.

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Decompensating brush artificial turf

- Equipped with a B & S gasoline engine of 4 times and 205 ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Manual lawn sweeper

Simple sweeper but very effective for sweeping on grass and ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Large wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaner

Large professional vacuum cleaner for dust and water. ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Small wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Small professional vacuum cleaner for dust and water, ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Carpet Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners upholstery professional ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Sludge & Sand remover kit

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Medium floor polisher 500mm

It is ideal for polishing or marble floors and thorough ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Medium floor polisher 430mm

low-speed rotary machine for maintenance of polished ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Floor polisher

Small rotary machine ideal low speed for its size steps for ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Gasoline powered power pressure wash 200bar

Powerful washer cold water gasoline for cleaning work very ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Water pressure power wash 380W

Washing machine Mobile Power with three-phase drive 380v ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Small pressure power wash 220W

Washing machine easy to carry mobile power, ideal for ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Pressure power wash + pipe cleaner

Mobile Power washing machine, ideal for cleaning jobs with ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Washer/Dryer 450mm

Scrubber soil heavy duty tents suitable for cleaning floors ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Polishing Brush

We have soft nylon brush to wash carpets and rugs, and hard ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)


Rotary buffing machine low speed for polishing small ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Wall sander + vacuum cleaner (separate bag)

Ideal for painters and construction workers when sanding ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Orbital Sander

To sandpaperings not very rough and very fine finishes. ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Belt Sander

Traditional belt sander, sanding flat wooden surfaces ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Parquet floor sander

Parquet sander drum heavy duty sanding all types of parquet ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

Wood planer

Designed to cut all types of wood planing width 80 mm. ...

Rent prices (VAT Incl.)

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